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The Regional Youth Information Centre of Limousin (CRIJ Limousin) is a non governmental organisation created through the initiative of the Youth and Sport Ministry. Its aim is to support youngsters' autonomy offering them necessary information in their daily life as it is written in the European Youth Information Charter ( The Youth Information network in Limousin is composed by the CRIJ, 1 Youth Information Office and 18 Youth Information local relays located in the 3 departments of limousin region.Every year, CRIJ welcomes more than 40000 people, mainly young people aged from 16 to 30 years old. But, it is open to everyone without discrimination. The CRIJ produces documentation (thematic guides…) in all areas: studies, jobs, training, daily life, leisure, holidays, Europe and international and sports.CRIJ offers also free services such as jobs offers, accommodation ads, baby-sitting and Internet access. Each year, CRIJ organizes several fairs: summer jobs fair, thematic fairs like for instance the European youth week….Our organisation manages also 2 European programmes: European Voluntary Service (we have been a sending organisation since 1997) and Eurodyssée programme (training periods in Europe for young graduates). CRIJ is also member of the European network eurodesk. CRIJ's team is composed by 11 employers: 1 director, 1 assistant director, 4 documentalists, 1 network leader and 4 youth workers. 

Marie-Laure Pitel    (+33) 5 55 10 60 98  

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