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Itinéraire International is a non-profit organisation aiming at backing young people aged from 18 to 30 in international mobility for an employment, an internship or voluntary service regardless of their qualifications or work experience, and increase the status of it as a structuring stage in their professional integration.It also attempts to promote to international mobility as a social and professional tool with public institution.Through its action, Itinéraire International wants particularly to favour the social and professional integration of young adults with few access to employment, especially because of discriminatory phenomenon.Itinéraire International is a national non-profit organization, with several regional desks, among one in Grenoble opened in 2003.Since 1999, the organization develops an action called "Jeunes à l'International ": to become more democratic the access to international mobility with particularly the following aims:" to promote the access to international mobility for any young adults, even those with social and professional integration problems." To allow a young adult with less opportunities to (re-)build a professional objective based on an international professional experience.Our action in 3 axis:Training for professional about young's integration.The aim is to spread the idea if international mobility as a social and professional tool for young adults.Young adults collective information and consciousness-raising about the opportunity of (pre-) professional international mobility.We meet young adults within "mission local" or any other young's support structure in order to inform them about international mobility and the short term EVS through basic services, short conferences, forum's stall, thematic presentation confirmed by young's account… The organization is able to adapt to each partner needs thanks to different forms of meetings and its experience in attracting young's attention.Personalized follow-up in building mobility projects through employment, internship or voluntary service.This axis is the heart of our activity. It is a matter of allowing each young adult to build his mobility project, and adapt it to his profile, his departure conditions, and to his long term professional project.

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