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Point Information Jeunesse du Velay

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The Point Information Youth (P.I.J) exist since 1995; it is registered within the national network Information Youth. Its principal activity lies in the reception and the information of the public (as a majority from 15 to 30 years). P.I.J is attached to the Local Mission of Velay. The Point Information Youth consists of a team of three/four people who work regularly with the organization of workshops of information sets of themes or demonstrations in bond with the topicality.P.I.J receives in average 13000 requests for information per annum. It accommodates all types of public: school, applicant for work young people, parents, teachers… etcP.I.J ensure a general-purpose Mission of information and documentation with of the young people. The team places at the disposal of information and the services adapted to their requests and intended to help them in their everyday life.The Point Information Youth of Velay it is:" A public space exchange where converge of local information, departmental, regional, national and European, which constitutes a true support of the practical life. " A place of information practical and brought up to date. " A reception anonymity, personalized and entirely free. " A first answer with all the questions about the formation, employment, the trades, health, housing, the social life, the leisure, holidays, the sport, everyday life … " A place of listening, of dialogue, exchanges, proposals, and meetings with local professionals and actors. " A help technique and teaching for the development or the concretization of a personal project. " For all the young people from 15 to 30 years, provided education for or in search for employment, but also for the adults, the parents and the professionals. P.I.J of Velay proposes: 1. A space of information: The Service Documentation joins together practical information on subjects as varied as trades, formations, the access to employment, but also rights, health, Europe or leisure.2. A space Europe: Information on working, studying abroad. One accompaniment in the search for project SVE (facility of sending and reception SVE)3. A panoply of practical services: Housing, employment seasonal, service covoiturage, space cyber and space projects, workshops multi-media… etc4. The organization of days to topics:The PIJ organizes, regularly specific workshops on health, employment, the road safety, voluntary non-military national service, European voluntary service.

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