European Year for Innovation and Creativity

SIQA Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives

Georgia Georgia

SIQA administers trainings, programs, projects, camps, consultations, and databases in NGO development, civic education, active and interactive methods of teaching and learning, debate and information technology. Target groups is students age 10-16, Youth age - 17-25; teachers ... SIQA has 10 basic members and 50 volunteers. SIQA is involved in many Interntional programmes.

Goals of SIQA:

  • to support problem-solving process in ecological, legal, economic, social, community, cultural, youth and other spere by means of fodtering education.
  • to support of civic society and to implement democratic principles;
  • to support continuing education in multiplaier spere of activities;

to support Georgia's integration and self-maintenance in its integration efforts among the Europian and global communitie.

Inga Paitchadze    

+995 55 59 43 13