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Description of the organisationVIPDIP is a project organisation. Our projects themes are diabetes and chronic illness, health, exercise, food/diet, working dogs/diabetes dogs.VIPDIP is a platform for youth to do own projects within the theme. VIPDIP provide a network, mentors and support to realize the project.We are 120 members in VIPDIP, a very small organisation. The members are spread in all of Sweden and some live in other countries. Locally in Kungsbacka, for the project of hosting volunteers, we have 15 active members. They are all working nonprofit when participating in ongoing projects. No person is employed by VIPDIP / has a salary from the organisation.We spread awareness and develop knowledge on a grass root level about these conditions. A goal is making life more fun and easy for people with chronic conditions. Our main target group is young people who have or are interested in diabetes or other chronic disease.The knowledge a person acquire from living with a chronic condition is an important merit and should be treated as such and not mostly be seen as a disability. Youth with diabetes have much competence that others do not have.It is a democratic gain and push forward if young patients from different EU countries have forum for exchange experiences where they communicate about the health care they receive, the self-treatment they do, and compare the conditions of life within different societies.Our organisation is a non-profit, virtually based international organisation, based in Kungsbacka. We have a nucleus of active members local and national, our members, tutors and youth mentors are found in an international network. Persons active in different projects, change depending on the projects. VIPDIP cooperates with several other nonprofit organisations and work with support from Kungsbacka municipality.Preparation and follow-upBefore the volunteers leave Sweden (or their own country) we have personal, regular and frequent contact via email or telephone talking about what lie ahead. The volunteers we send participates in VIPDIP activities locally and are much involved during the contacts we have with the hosting organisations. The volunteers we hope to receive will be able to participate in any virtual activities we do in the network through our homepage and internet.If it is financed and if it is needed for an individual volunteer we will visit the hosting organisation together with a volunteer we send and in advance invite a volunteer we will host, to prepare the period abroad.We will have an ongoing communication with our partner organisations (such as with our partner in Romania today) and a dialog with the mentors/tutors of the volunteers we send.During the stay abroad the volunteer must be in regular contact with VIPDIP, Sweden and write down his/her experiences regularly. We have had this in a form of a blog so far. It will also usually be the case that the volunteer does a smaller VIPDIP project during the stay with the hosting organisation spreading awareness about the VIPDIP theme. It is important to bring back to Sweden the experiences. The volunteer will be invited to participate in VIPDIP activities and take the role of a VIPDIP youth mentor for other projects when back home. Some activities for the volunteer will be obligatory soon after the return to Sweden. Documentation and presence at different events are important in order to promote new projects and share his/her experiences with others.

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