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Youth for Development Public Association

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

The organization Youth for Development was established by a group of young activists in 2004 and registered by the Ministry of Justice in June 2006.


To support and promote sustainable development in youth field in Azerbaijan

Our goals and objectives to achieve the mission:

1.To contribute to the development of national and local youth policies and challenge the government in development and supporting the local youth projects;

2.To promote non-formal education in youth filed and  contribute into the improvement the pedagogical and educational competence of training services for youth and youth organizations;

3.To promote participation of young people in civil society and encourage them for active involvement in decision making and implementation process

4.To empower young people for development of associative life  and coming together in youth groups  and organizations;

5.To promote the values of Human Rights and active democratic citizenship among young people;

6.To promote peace and understanding between different stakeholders through regional projects in the South Caucasus;

Abbas Zahidi   

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