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Millennium Center

Romania Romania

MILLENNIUN CENTER is a non-profit organization. It was founded in April 2000 out of the desire to offer a legal and organized environment for the young people’s initiatives.

Our AIM is to promote the interests of the young people on a social, cultural, educational, sports and economical level. In other words, we wish to promote our generation.

Local Volunteers


Spain Spain

   Celia Rodriguez  

  +34 91.378.04.13

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AIPC Pandora

Spain Spain

AIPC-Pandora is a non-profit organization which has a global objective to study and understand the different cultures of the world in order to discover their individual values and traditions and spread them; promote their integration in the world, and foster the learning, communication and dialogue between all of themOur guiding principle is that of equality of opportunities in the education and progress of each culture with the guarantee of respect to human rights and liberties. As such, high-priority is given to activities related to non-formal education, always in an intercultural context, and activities that foment the progress and mobility of the people of the world.A great part of our work is oriented to promote cultural interchange, offering to the greatest amount of people possible the opportunity to travel and spend a period of time outside their own country to learn and understand another culture, explore social interaction, and to progress as much at a professional level as a personal one. Leaving abroad foments mind opening and personal development as well as helps young people increase their social and work skills and thus prepare them to respond with enthusiasm and realism to our world's global challenges. Helping youth with fewer opportunities is a priority for AIPCP ANDORA, we are constantly trying to improve education methodologies and efficient means of action and integration which allows them to choose their future.At AIPC-PANDORA we are working towards socio-cultural integration by means of three Action Groups or Programs:1. Integration through the MOBILITY of people in the world. We do this with the conviction that actions such as travelling, getting to know different places, to coexist with different cultures and to learn languages, are experiences that help people open their minds and become more tolerant, foment communication and cultural exchange and thereafter they better appreciate the coexistence of our multicultural societies.2. Integration through SOCIO-CULTURAL LEARNING. There are many people living today who experience difficulties in adjusting to the social structure, this can be because of immediate environmental concerns, their cultural or social origin, etc. In order to contribute to the improvement of adaptation processes we offer extracurricular courses in different subjects, as much to the foreign population as to the Spanish that have experienced social changes in their surroundings. All the courses are based on our own methodology for "social prevention", and provide programs that combine training or professional orientation activities with leisure and alternatives to the use of free time. They always combine an educational element with the value of enjoyment with the aim of making education attractive and achieving the objective in the most efficient way. The principles in Education for Active Citizenship and in the Education of Values are the basis on which the training and leisure programs are designed.3. Integration through EMPLOYMENT. lt is a reality that, in today's world, people achieve a more complete integration if they can find employment. For obvious reasons, employment is one of the best tools to allow a person to feel that they at least belong to the society and culture in which they live.AIPC-Pandora team is composed of six permanent staff members, 3 people on a part time contract and 6 collaborators. It also counts on a mean of 7 permanent volunteers and 15 for specific projects. AIPC-P ANDORA is the Spanish member of the EIL Federation, Experiment in International Living, founded in 1954 with 25 members in 25 countries. EIL Federation promotes the participation of people in intercultural learning programs all over the world, with the objective of working towards world citizenship and peace. 

Giulia Vitaletti   

+34 91 550 26 28

Association Europe XXL

France France

Europe XXL is a meeting point for young people and the main goal is to promote the mobility of youngsters in Europe.With a special follow up, each person will accede to different devices financed partially by EU. Youth exchanges, volunteering, Seminars or discuss about the European issues are some examples of the activities that we can promote.This meeting point is the structure that will allow young people, especially those that for main reasons have lower opportunities, to enlarge their Horizons and take the right time to make one good choice for their future.The activities that we can take part in are a nice and active way to develop non-formal education and citizenship awareness.In our organization there is one permanent person who is used to follow-up evsers. We also go usually work in the difficult neighborhoods and other youth meeting points.Currently we actively work with our partners in order to rise up a network of reception for volunteers. Thus, each structure implied will be able to host in good conditions a young from different countries of the European Community according to principles on which the local organizations got along.

Rita Mesquita    +33 (0) 6. 

Associazione Babel

Italy Italy

Francesca Ferreri    +39 3383583454  

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Associazione Culturale Link

Italy Italy

0039 080 3148080

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Associazione Interculturale NUR

Italy Italy

Please present briefly your aims and regular activities. Add information about the staff of your organisation as well as the target group you generally work with. Associazione Interculturale NUR is a non profit organization that works in the field of the cultural integration, sponsoring and realizing cultural events, formative experiences and information channels for the Sardinians youth and local regional associations. It has been constituted in 1999 by people motivated by a strong interest for culture and cultural differences. It has been working as an EVS sending and coordinating organization since 2000. It sent almost 70 volunteers and we receive 15 ones.Its main fields of interest includes the promotion of any kind of exchange between cultures, the fight against all forms of racism and xenophobia, the diffusion of new media as cultural instruments and any form of non formal training for youth and young adults.

Cristina Oggiano   

0039 0703 013 81

Ayuntamiento de Murcia. Servicio de Juventud

Spain Spain

The Council of Murcia has a Youth Plan which includes different youth and international cooperation actions.

These are the different schemes from the Youth Service:

1. Youth participation and associations Program: promoting youth associations in the area, through funding, data bases and youth resource centres. 

2. Cultural and Educational promotion Program: Youth creation contest, foreign language courses, youth information bulletin, etc.

3. Youth Plan and youth exchanges Program: European programs, youth housing plan, youth exchanges, in this scheme we include the office of promotion and information of youth exchanges and the EVS project.

4. Youth Information "Infromajoven" regarding employment, education, holidays, military service and conscience objection, housing, training, etc.

Carmen Martinez   

+34 968 231 589  

Azerbaijan Voluntary Public Union

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Volunteers' Public Union (AVPU) is non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in November, 2001 and registered in August, 2003. As non-profit organizatiobn AVPU's main activity strategy based on grants awarded by different local and international donors.

The aim of creating AVPU is to develop the volunteers' work in Azerbaijan, promote solution of society's problems and improve the well - being of vulnerable population. The youth of AVPU, with the help of attracted volunteers, creates all the necessary conditions for rendering dratuitous benevolent assistance to the vulnerable people of all the different social levels of sociecty; promotes the democratization process in Azarbaijan by educating human rights in various regions and settlements of the country. In the period of strengthening the process of Azrbaijan's integration into the World, the broad exchange of experience promotes the development of volunteers' work as well.

Ilkin Haciyev

00994 506 101 630

EVS Volunteers

BIJ Brest

France France

BIJ is an EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending organisation. We plan to become an hosting one and to develop the sending of short term EVS.We are a Local Advisor Relay for the French National Agency of the European Youth in Action Program.We are in charge of the development of the European Youth in Action Program for the city of Brest. As multiplier :- we are promoting the Youth in action program to the youngsters and youth workers- We help them taking part in actions (youth exchanges, youth initiatives, European Voluntary Service, seminar and training...)- e help leaders to achieve their project by assisting them during all the phases and for the preparation of their group.

Agnes Pissavy

+33 (0)2 98 43 84 16

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Centre Regional Information Jeunesse Champagne - Ardenne

France France

Gilles Buffet    0033 03 26 79 84 75 

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Centro Andaluz de Iniciativas Internacionales

Spain Spain

We are a local n-profit association that work in collaboration to Cordoba Munipality  and Cordoba Provincial Goverment. of Cordoba- County Council  (Provincial government) has as one of his main works provide technical, economic and juridical support to the municipalities and the coordination events. Diputacion works jointly with the City councils on the development of youth policies, included at the Provincial Plan of Youth 2003-2007; where there are articulated and detached the different programs that are carried out in the Province of Córdoba.The Province is composed by 75 municipalities and 4 Minor Local authorities.On 7th of March 2000 (tuesday) begann the consultancy about activities abroad through the Young Office for International Activities. This was after an agreement signed, between the Department of Youth (Equality Area) of the City Council of Córdoba and the Andalusian Centre Association of International Initiatives.

Noelia Mascuñano Almagro

00 34 957 / 76-47-07   

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France France

Oumou Kanté    00 33 1 44 49 29 28   

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Civic Association Nase Kamenka

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Kristyna Ondrejova   

0042 077 506 47 06   

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Conseil général du Morbihan

France France

Since 2001, the general council has decided to open Morbihan to Europe and the rest of the world. This policy rests on the Europe and international department which is composed of four persons:- the department head,- an official representative for the "GUIDEurope and European policies and programs",- an official representative for the "International mobility for young people, international aid and cooperation",- an assistant.The department's missions are:- European and international mobility for young people,- Bi-lateral cooperations in Europe (Germany, Italy, Poland) and with the rest of the world (Mali, Vietnam),- European Union policies and programs- Information about the European Union, in particular with the GUIDEurope label,Subsidies to support projects of international solidarity and economic cooperation carried by associations, schools and other structures of the department of Morbihan.As for young people, the aim of our structure is to reveal their awareness about the Europe they live in and to give them information about how travelling in and out of Europe, while they are at schoolor except the educrional system. So we develop partnerships with schools and associations of Morbihan and we work in the frame of the partnerships we have with Germany, Poland, Italy, Mali and Vietnam.Since 2002, the general council has also been labellised GUIDEurope (departmental counter for information about Europe) by the French Ministry of European Affairs. We organise and take part to events about the european building and citizenship. For us, the persons who participate on this this activity reflect a certain European and international dynamism, that is why we would like to continue to host European volunteers.

Gaelle Leray    0033 2 97 54 83 58   

EVS Volunteers

Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas

Spain Spain

Coordinadora Infantil y Juvenil de Tiempo Libre de Vallecas (Child and Youth Platform of Leisure Time Organisations of Vallecas) is a non profit organisation that coordinates 29 organisations in Vallecas neighbourhood in the south east part of Madrid. Its main aims are the social integration of children and teenagers with less opportunities, because of social, physical or psychological reasons, and the promotion of educational organisations in leisure time activities which work with children and youngsters in Vallecas. Its mission is to improve the standard of living and education of young people and teenagers who live in Vallecas, especially those who are suffering from a social disadvantage.

Patricia Eguia   

(+34) 91 313 46 79

EVS Volunteers

CRIJ Limousin

France France

The Regional Youth Information Centre of Limousin (CRIJ Limousin) is a non governmental organisation created through the initiative of the Youth and Sport Ministry. Its aim is to support youngsters' autonomy offering them necessary information in their daily life as it is written in the European Youth Information Charter ( The Youth Information network in Limousin is composed by the CRIJ, 1 Youth Information Office and 18 Youth Information local relays located in the 3 departments of limousin region.Every year, CRIJ welcomes more than 40000 people, mainly young people aged from 16 to 30 years old. But, it is open to everyone without discrimination. The CRIJ produces documentation (thematic guides…) in all areas: studies, jobs, training, daily life, leisure, holidays, Europe and international and sports.CRIJ offers also free services such as jobs offers, accommodation ads, baby-sitting and Internet access. Each year, CRIJ organizes several fairs: summer jobs fair, thematic fairs like for instance the European youth week….Our organisation manages also 2 European programmes: European Voluntary Service (we have been a sending organisation since 1997) and Eurodyssée programme (training periods in Europe for young graduates). CRIJ is also member of the European network eurodesk. CRIJ's team is composed by 11 employers: 1 director, 1 assistant director, 4 documentalists, 1 network leader and 4 youth workers. 

Marie-Laure Pitel    (+33) 5 55 10 60 98  

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CRIJ Pays de la Loire

France France

Benedicte Le Foll    00 33 


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DRK Kreisverband Bremen

Germany Germany

The DRC Bremen offers a wide range of services for adolescents and young adults.

The Youth Center "Kamphofer Damm" is part of the Red Cross assoziation in Bremen and has its main fields of work in media education and media projects with young people. But also summer recreational programms and youth exchanges (since a long time with turkish partner groups) are organized. The youth center has only few staff members and therefore gets supported in the  international youth work (such as EVS projects and youth exchanges) by the "Servicebureau Youth Information". This is our first time that we are sending a volunteer in the EVS programme, but we have a long time  experience is the work with german volunteers in our youth center.

Marlies Tittelbach   

0049 421 545 717

EVS Volunteers


France France

Activities, projects developed:Evs, youth exchanges,Leonardo,AMICUS, DAPHNE,Grundvig….Members of: (networks)Eurocircle, jamo arc latin…

Founded in Berlin in 1993, the EUROCIRCLE network is a European grouping of project managers in the social sectors of education and employment. In 1995, the network became a non-profit-making organisation under French law, and settled in Marseille. Ever since, EUROCIRCLE has been endeavoring to support project managers in their implementation of a European approach by initiating European partnerships in order to set up transnational projects.

Providing information on European programmes

EUROCIRCLE implements a strategic and documentary survey of the European programs focused on the initiatives of the EU and organises a European platform of transnational project managers. Information can be one of the obstacles to the emergence of European projects and, therefore, plays an important role. Even if the sources of information are abundant, this does not necessarily mean that they are always available in time and exploitable by the persons in charge of the development structures of European projects.Since 1996 EUROCIRCLE has been editing a monthly information bulletin in several languages that, at present, has a circulation of about one hundred in Europe. It targets programs of European action and initiatives and other funding tools. The numerous information sites provide a plethora of information that is updated regularly.Now, quick access to the essential information, concerning in particular the deadlines and the texts regarding the proposals and offers, is of major importance - insofar as the very short time limits between the publication of the calls for proposal and the deadline for the deposit of the dossier leave little time to put a qualitatively satisfying dossier together. The restructuring of the Commission’s services and the overhaul of the EU funding scene encouraged us to develop this website. Our goal is to accompany the project managers in their research for funds and transnational partners by putting an operational platform of information and cooperation at their disposal. This platform aims to distribute exhaustive and operational information about the ensemble of funding programs which have been installed by the European commission, focusing on the essential elements of managing those in charge of administration, associations and in the economy. First of all this service requires the creation of a daily documentary survey (JOCE), intersection of different sources of information (official and informal) and treatment of information which gives the person in charge something which is an overview but precise enough at the same time. At the moment the website has a register of about 100 indexed funding tools, each presented in a synoptic file which renders the key elements of the program (aim, contents and eligible institution, backed actions, deadlines, etc.) and offers the possibility to download the offers and proposal texts, the application forms and the available guide.

Stéphanie Fauvarque    (+33)  

EVS Volunteers

Fundació Catalunya Voluntària

Spain Spain

Barcelona Voluntaria is an organization with clearly international views. It manages and develops different actions and projects directed towards other countries: o Youth exchanges: the meeting places which have the aim to support the mutual understanding among different cultures by means of living together and creating the space where they can exchange their opinions and diverse feelings. These exchanges rely on the help of European Commission. o European Voluntary Service: it is one of the actions of Youth in Action Program. This is a program of non-formal education dedicated for all the young people living in one of the European countries being 18-30 years old, which gives the possibility to do some voluntary activities between 2-12 months. o Trainings and seminars: actions to support the European politics dedicated to young people and to innovate the subjects of education and international cooperation. These actions offer the participation in practical trainings, the trainings courses, seminars and contact making seminars. Moreover, we manage thematic projects of social collaboration. These are proper projects with concrete associations, which develop issues considered to be within the interest of entities. In order to perform all these projects, the high level of mutual knowledge and trust among members is required. o BV-Un techo Para mi País: one Chilean organization "Un Techo para mi País" is developing very important social work in Latin America. Having a network of volunteers it is responsible for building houses for people having less favored social background. Barcelona Voluntaria wants to be the "bridge" organization with Europe to contribute to the expansion of this network, to enable the starting of the project in other Latin American countries. PROJECT "CONOCE MI PAÍS" (GET TO KNOW MY COUNTRY) : The mutual knowledge is necessary to manage the good intergration among immigrants. The good idea/tool would be the facilitation of the knowledge about the background of the immigrants. Barcelona Voluntaria started one program with that idea, which should allow students who share their aulas with Morrocan students to go all together to visit Marroco. The member which is responsible for managing that project is Association Bourgreg, which we believe it can guarantee the quality and the utility of the program. We continue the cooperation with different Moroccan associations coordinated by Chantiers Sociaux Marrocains. Specifically during 2005 we realized: training course organized in Tánger and dedicated to local entities working within the volunteering context and project management; work camp; French course for woman; Catalan course for the young. BV is an organization with international profile, but it also looks at the local level of the society. It means that BV apart from developing international projects , helps the young people who have own initiatives to do some projects in their district or city, but they do not know how to manage them. Our organization in frames of the project "Iniciativas Jóvenes" is responsible for facilitating some advice to socially motivated young people.On the other hand, BV does the self-assessment of its own activities and for this it has developed the project "Máxima Utilidad" ("the highest utility"), which analyzes the experience gathered during youth programs. BV believes that its projects always have to offer the highest possible quality. Because of this, BV performs different actions which are supposed to improve the management of its projects. Barcelona Voluntaria, as organization with international profile, is the member of different non-governmental associations coming from various countries. These networks allow BV to meet its objectives and increase the quality of its projects. Moreover, they are necessary to establish the international structures which are stronger and to receive the highest possible number of opportunities to develop new projects. Work structure in the association : management, international volunteerism, trainings and seminars ,youth exchanges ,communication, corporative image and participation and specific projects.We conduct our activities mainly for the local youth and associations and the target group of our actions are young people with fewer opportunities. 

Luciana Castelo   

+34 934 124 49

Gantalcalá Youth Association

Spain Spain

Francisco López Jiménez; David Sánchez Dorado

0034 687 472 777

Grenzenlos - Interkultureller Austausch

Austria Austria

GRENZENLOS:Grenzenlos (former ICYE Austria) is part of the international youth exchange network (the ICYE Federation). It was founded in 1949 as a pacifist programme standing for tolerance and re-conciliation between different cultures. Grenzenlos is a non-profit and non-govermental Organisation, which main aim is to promote world - peace and tolerance through international non-formal education programmes, that combine cultural integration with engagement in non-profit initiatives worldwide. Since 1996, Grenzenlos participates in the EVS. 1998 it became the implementor of the EVS MELANGE special event project, which resulted in a partnership between EVS organisations and municipal departments. In 1999 the focus was set on the increase of mobility for handicapped, the opening of volunteer actions in Eastern Europe, and maximizing inclusion of disadvantaged youth; e.g. youngsters from migrant background or long term unemployed. Since 2001 Grenzenlos offers additionally, short term programmes such as workcamps, youth encounters and practical training. MELANGE:In the European context, we have a special programme called MELANGE, which is strongly supported and funded by the City of Vienna. Within MELANGE, we organise YOUTH activities on behalf of the City of Vienna, mainly EVS. Each year we send and receive an average of 30 young people each, plus short term exchanges. Our main priorities are working with disadvantaged youth (e.g. handicapped people, young migrants, long term unemployed,...) and exchanges with countries in Eastern Europe, Southern Eastern Europe and the MEDA region. 

 Daniela Fellinger   

+43 (0)1 315 76 36


Germany Germany

International Centre of Advanced Training (IBZW GmbH)

Andrea Jeppe-Glameyer

'0049 5542/60722

EVS Volunteers

InfoEck Tirol

Austria Austria

Simone Tschol   

0043 512 57 1799 15   

EVS Volunteers

Itineraire International

France France

Itinéraire International is a non-profit organisation aiming at backing young people aged from 18 to 30 in international mobility for an employment, an internship or voluntary service regardless of their qualifications or work experience, and increase the status of it as a structuring stage in their professional integration.It also attempts to promote to international mobility as a social and professional tool with public institution.Through its action, Itinéraire International wants particularly to favour the social and professional integration of young adults with few access to employment, especially because of discriminatory phenomenon.Itinéraire International is a national non-profit organization, with several regional desks, among one in Grenoble opened in 2003.Since 1999, the organization develops an action called "Jeunes à l'International ": to become more democratic the access to international mobility with particularly the following aims:" to promote the access to international mobility for any young adults, even those with social and professional integration problems." To allow a young adult with less opportunities to (re-)build a professional objective based on an international professional experience.Our action in 3 axis:Training for professional about young's integration.The aim is to spread the idea if international mobility as a social and professional tool for young adults.Young adults collective information and consciousness-raising about the opportunity of (pre-) professional international mobility.We meet young adults within "mission local" or any other young's support structure in order to inform them about international mobility and the short term EVS through basic services, short conferences, forum's stall, thematic presentation confirmed by young's account… The organization is able to adapt to each partner needs thanks to different forms of meetings and its experience in attracting young's attention.Personalized follow-up in building mobility projects through employment, internship or voluntary service.This axis is the heart of our activity. It is a matter of allowing each young adult to build his mobility project, and adapt it to his profile, his departure conditions, and to his long term professional project.

Marie Caire   

+33 (0)5 34 31 60 25   

EVS Volunteers

Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken

Germany Germany

The Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken (Jubi) is a youth education centre and guesthouse in Würzburg. The Jubi offers a variety of intercultural trainings and qualifications and intercultural and international exchanges. It is a local Eurodeskpartner and started to work in the EVS program as a hosting project. It is also a sending organisation and it is soon going to be a coordinating hosting organisation for some local projects.

Manuela Dillenz   

0931 - 600 60 413   

LeISA GmbH, Soziokulturelles Zentrum "Die VILLA"

Germany Germany

Jens Meier    

0341 - 35 52 04-21   

EVS Volunteers

Liepājas Jaunatnes centrs

Latvia Latvia

Egita Zelve


EVS Volunteers

National Youth Council of Moldova, CNTM

Moldova Moldova

CNTM promovează interesele tinerilor din Moldova, contribuie la dezvoltarea structurilor asociative de tineret prin desfăşurarea programelor şi activităţilor de instruire, informare, lobby şi consultare.

Alina Rusu    (+ 373 22) 235175   

NGO Continuous Action

Estonia Estonia

Elen Brandmeister    +372 6881 896  

EVS Volunteers

Point Information Jeunesse du Velay

France France

The Point Information Youth (P.I.J) exist since 1995; it is registered within the national network Information Youth. Its principal activity lies in the reception and the information of the public (as a majority from 15 to 30 years). P.I.J is attached to the Local Mission of Velay. The Point Information Youth consists of a team of three/four people who work regularly with the organization of workshops of information sets of themes or demonstrations in bond with the topicality.P.I.J receives in average 13000 requests for information per annum. It accommodates all types of public: school, applicant for work young people, parents, teachers… etcP.I.J ensure a general-purpose Mission of information and documentation with of the young people. The team places at the disposal of information and the services adapted to their requests and intended to help them in their everyday life.The Point Information Youth of Velay it is:" A public space exchange where converge of local information, departmental, regional, national and European, which constitutes a true support of the practical life. " A place of information practical and brought up to date. " A reception anonymity, personalized and entirely free. " A first answer with all the questions about the formation, employment, the trades, health, housing, the social life, the leisure, holidays, the sport, everyday life … " A place of listening, of dialogue, exchanges, proposals, and meetings with local professionals and actors. " A help technique and teaching for the development or the concretization of a personal project. " For all the young people from 15 to 30 years, provided education for or in search for employment, but also for the adults, the parents and the professionals. P.I.J of Velay proposes: 1. A space of information: The Service Documentation joins together practical information on subjects as varied as trades, formations, the access to employment, but also rights, health, Europe or leisure.2. A space Europe: Information on working, studying abroad. One accompaniment in the search for project SVE (facility of sending and reception SVE)3. A panoply of practical services: Housing, employment seasonal, service covoiturage, space cyber and space projects, workshops multi-media… etc4. The organization of days to topics:The PIJ organizes, regularly specific workshops on health, employment, the road safety, voluntary non-military national service, European voluntary service.

Valerie Pronier    0033 04 71 04 04 46

EVS Volunteers

SIQA Georgian Association of Educational Initiatives

Georgia Georgia

SIQA administers trainings, programs, projects, camps, consultations, and databases in NGO development, civic education, active and interactive methods of teaching and learning, debate and information technology. Target groups is students age 10-16, Youth age - 17-25; teachers ... SIQA has 10 basic members and 50 volunteers. SIQA is involved in many Interntional programmes.

Goals of SIQA:

  • to support problem-solving process in ecological, legal, economic, social, community, cultural, youth and other spere by means of fodtering education.
  • to support of civic society and to implement democratic principles;
  • to support continuing education in multiplaier spere of activities;

to support Georgia's integration and self-maintenance in its integration efforts among the Europian and global communitie.

Inga Paitchadze    

+995 55 59 43 13 

Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V.

Germany Germany

The VJF e.V. was founded in March 1990 and is an officially recognised non-profit association for organising youth work, with the aim to expand the idea of international voluntary movements. The VJF organises international youth meetings with short term projects (workcamps) and long term projects (European Voluntary Service) and takes part in the responsibility considering the engagement in the Voluntary Ecological Year within a period of one year. Every year we organise around 30-40 international workcamps and bilateral projects in Germany and offer around 600 workcamp places to the German volunteers to go to our partner organisations in almost 60 different countries in the world. VJF e.V. works with EVS from 1997 as Sending- and Hosting organisation. Since 2000 we are also responsible as a coordinating organisation for other hosting projects within the EVS. Furthermore, the VJF runs a Project and Meeting place in the outskirts of Berlin, which can be used for seminars and freetime activities for german and international groups.There are 6 employees and one volunteer (voluntary ecological year) at the VJF - office or in the Meeting place. The target group of our daily work is mostly young people between 16 and 27 years (workcamps, EVS, voluntary ecological year). The project and meeting place is open to people of every age.

Monique Weigelt   

0049 304 285 06 03   

Via e. V

Germany Germany

VIA e. V. is a registered non governmental association. The organisation is mainly working on the field of international exchange, training for international contacts and cooperation with NGOs in developing countries. Number of members: 80VIA e. V. organizes youth exchange programs, internships abroad, voluntary service and aupair. The association also trains youth workers for intercultural programs and supports activities in developing countries.

Sabrina Boenschen   

0049 4131 732 223

EVS Volunteers


Sweden Sweden

Description of the organisationVIPDIP is a project organisation. Our projects themes are diabetes and chronic illness, health, exercise, food/diet, working dogs/diabetes dogs.VIPDIP is a platform for youth to do own projects within the theme. VIPDIP provide a network, mentors and support to realize the project.We are 120 members in VIPDIP, a very small organisation. The members are spread in all of Sweden and some live in other countries. Locally in Kungsbacka, for the project of hosting volunteers, we have 15 active members. They are all working nonprofit when participating in ongoing projects. No person is employed by VIPDIP / has a salary from the organisation.We spread awareness and develop knowledge on a grass root level about these conditions. A goal is making life more fun and easy for people with chronic conditions. Our main target group is young people who have or are interested in diabetes or other chronic disease.The knowledge a person acquire from living with a chronic condition is an important merit and should be treated as such and not mostly be seen as a disability. Youth with diabetes have much competence that others do not have.It is a democratic gain and push forward if young patients from different EU countries have forum for exchange experiences where they communicate about the health care they receive, the self-treatment they do, and compare the conditions of life within different societies.Our organisation is a non-profit, virtually based international organisation, based in Kungsbacka. We have a nucleus of active members local and national, our members, tutors and youth mentors are found in an international network. Persons active in different projects, change depending on the projects. VIPDIP cooperates with several other nonprofit organisations and work with support from Kungsbacka municipality.Preparation and follow-upBefore the volunteers leave Sweden (or their own country) we have personal, regular and frequent contact via email or telephone talking about what lie ahead. The volunteers we send participates in VIPDIP activities locally and are much involved during the contacts we have with the hosting organisations. The volunteers we hope to receive will be able to participate in any virtual activities we do in the network through our homepage and internet.If it is financed and if it is needed for an individual volunteer we will visit the hosting organisation together with a volunteer we send and in advance invite a volunteer we will host, to prepare the period abroad.We will have an ongoing communication with our partner organisations (such as with our partner in Romania today) and a dialog with the mentors/tutors of the volunteers we send.During the stay abroad the volunteer must be in regular contact with VIPDIP, Sweden and write down his/her experiences regularly. We have had this in a form of a blog so far. It will also usually be the case that the volunteer does a smaller VIPDIP project during the stay with the hosting organisation spreading awareness about the VIPDIP theme. It is important to bring back to Sweden the experiences. The volunteer will be invited to participate in VIPDIP activities and take the role of a VIPDIP youth mentor for other projects when back home. Some activities for the volunteer will be obligatory soon after the return to Sweden. Documentation and presence at different events are important in order to promote new projects and share his/her experiences with others.

Gunilla Ask

+46 31 7486033

Youth for Development Public Association

Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

The organization Youth for Development was established by a group of young activists in 2004 and registered by the Ministry of Justice in June 2006.


To support and promote sustainable development in youth field in Azerbaijan

Our goals and objectives to achieve the mission:

1.To contribute to the development of national and local youth policies and challenge the government in development and supporting the local youth projects;

2.To promote non-formal education in youth filed and  contribute into the improvement the pedagogical and educational competence of training services for youth and youth organizations;

3.To promote participation of young people in civil society and encourage them for active involvement in decision making and implementation process

4.To empower young people for development of associative life  and coming together in youth groups  and organizations;

5.To promote the values of Human Rights and active democratic citizenship among young people;

6.To promote peace and understanding between different stakeholders through regional projects in the South Caucasus;

Abbas Zahidi   

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