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Benedikt Stain

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Benedikt Stain


Role in the project: EVS Volunteers


A little bit about me:


Before coming to Romania, I knew only very few things about this country. Since my decision to do this EVS was a very rapid one, it was also quite an adventure for me to come here. In the summer I had graduated from high school and was just as planless as you can be about where to go or what to do. So when I heard about the EVS programme I realized how much I longed to leave for another country. Also I was really interested in working with disabled people and doing social work. It seemed to me that I could not spend my time in a more senseful way than this, so I started to look for projects. And when I found Initiative for Good Neighbouring, I learned that I could start very soon, which was important for me because I didn't want to have to wait for too long. So that's how I came here!

My impression of Romania is definitely a peculiar one. On the one hand, I find the country as a whole fascinating with its variety of legends and people and cultures. Also I love the countryside, forests, mountains and lakes, which Romania luckily is full of. But on the other hand, I think the country is a little bit sad. You can see people being permanently stressed by the wish to catch up with other, richer, countries. You are bound to feel the narrow-mindedness of many persons here which makes them intolerant to people who are different and careless towards nature. This does not mean that I didn't meet any nice persons here, which I definitely have, but it means simply that there's a lot to be improved about the Romanian society, in my view, for the benefit of all.

To finally introduce myself, I am eighteen years old and come from Vienna, Austria. I consider myself a calm and thoughtful person, a little bit stubborn but in general friendly. I love nature, books, films, and music. Also I am really interested in the human mind, in mythology and history and in languages.

After all, I can say that I've learned a lot here, about both myself and other people. As you may have read above, there are things which I won't miss about Romania, but still, when I'll leave this country in the end of May, it will be with more than only some regret.     


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