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Elena Morari

Moldova Moldova
Elena Morari


Role in the project: EVS Volunteers



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Articles written by Elena Morari:


Forum Theatre with pupils from school

    In February I decide to organize a Forum Theater with children grades 8, 7, 6 from school and the topic of this theater was about discrimination situations that has ...

Event special for Women

   This Sunday me and Marimar organize for women’s and miss from Covasint a day only for them, because us you know it was Women’s Day in 8 March. For ...

Legends of Martisor

Martisorul is a specifically Romanian holiday, which celebrate coming of spring. In this day people offer each other martisoare, like a little present. There is a supposition that martisoarele bring ...

Colleagues from Covasint

   Being spread in Covasint community I was lucky to have as colleagues 3 people in Spain: Maria del Mar, Jesus, Juan Jo. Living together with them I discovered cultural ...

Colegii din Covasint

Fiind repartizata in comuna Covasint am avut norocul sa am ca colegi 3 persoane din Spania: Maria del Mar, Jesus, Juan Jo. Locuind impreuna cu ei in Covasint am descoperit ...

Environemental sanitation in Covasint

The environmental sanitation in Covasint is looking good. There are 70 beneficiaries of medical assistance per day. The Medical Centre it’s open from 7:00 till 12:00 and at the moment ...

My trip to Semlac

        The first weekend I was in Romania I decided to visit the village Semlac. There, I met many other volunteers, and of course I was very glad to also ...

My impressions after the debates

    Last Wednesday, 9 december we decided to organize debates at the school. In the English lessons we proposed some topics to be followed. I was glad to see the ...

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