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Articles written by Jesus Perez:


Justification about my personal project

My personal project has meant to be really close to the Romanian literature. I didn’t know anything about it, and probably I don’t know yet enough, but I have an ...

Justificare despre proiectul meu

Proiectul meu personal a însemnat să fiu foarte aproape de literatura română. Nu ştiam nimic despre ea, şi, probabil, nu ştiu încă destul, dar am o idee aproximativă despre modul ...

Plecam, maaa

Everything that starts has to finish. After six months here, we have to leave the Covasint. It has been a long winter, not very cold, according to the people, but ...

Pericle Martinescu or the XX century

In the interview made by Joaquín Garrigós, the most important romanian translator into spanish to Pericle Martinescu (11 February 1911- 24 December 2005), almost all the text is written around ...

Pericle Martinescu en español/(cu oglindă) Spanish in Vona Alexandru

En la entrevista que le hace Joaquín Garrigós, el traductor de rumano a español más importante en la actualidad, a Pericle Martinescu (11 de febrero de 1911- 24 de diciembre ...

Alexandru Vona or the problem of dissapearing

What do we know about Alexandru Vona ( 3. March 1922; 12. November 2004)? Just a few. He was just one of the maudits of the Romanian literature. Let’s say ...

Mihail Sebastian or the knock, knock of oblivion

This article could be about the german minorities. Not only about Nikolaus Lenau, for saying one of the classical, but on the two big suns: Paul Celan and Hertha Müller. ...

Are there libraries in Covasint?

There is a library in the school of Covasint. I discovered it by chance. I was in the school to speak with the teacher of Romanian language, to find some ...

Eugen Lovinescu or another bridge in the wall

Eugen Lovinescu (31 October 1881—1943) is a symbol. I will use him as a bridge through the vanguardism and the modernism in Romania. As a bridge, what is more important, ...

Ion Creanga or an intelligent excess

The first I knew about Ion Creanga (March 1, 1837 or June 10, 1839 – December 31, 1889) was thanks to Alex. He told me that he was from the ...

Knock, knock/ Who is it?/ It's Romanian literature

In Paulis I found a Dostoievsky’s book translated into Romanian. I found it inside a wardrobe, in that part in which the objects can not be seen unless you stare ...

Seara Interculturala (18/12/09)

Last 18 of December the volunteers of Covasint and the DJT Arad organized a intercultural evening in which it was showed to some people of the village some activities about ...

Debates 16/12/09

Here they are our three debates of the week. Soon we will upload pictures about this and the last week ones. FOURTH DEBATE 2030: You and the world Date: 16 ...

Debates 09/12/09

Here we are starting a new serie of articles about the debates that are taking place in the School of Covasint. We will show you the first six (divided in ...

The grey entourage

The next visit was to the Orthodox Church in Covasint. The priest, a young man that always took my notebook and my pen from my hands and wrote what he ...

El séquito gris

La siguiente visita ya fue a la Iglesia Ortodoxa de Covasint. El cura, un hombre joven, que siempre me cogía la libreta y el boli y escribía lo que quería ...

Five believers

Can you imagine a village where the major, the doctor and the teacher have yet the aura of people that still decide in the community and that not seem a ...

Los cinco creyentes

Imagine un pueblo de caminos de tierra, donde el alcade, el doctor y los maestros aún tienen el aura de decidir algo, siguen pegados a la tierra y no parecen ...

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