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Petra Pastircakova

Czech Republic Czech Republic
Petra Pastircakova


Role in the project: EVS Volunteers



A little bit about me:


My name is Petra, I am 19year young girl from tiny teeny country called Czech Republic. After I graduated high school I wanted to travel, become an independent being and push my limits as far as possible. Romania seems to be the perfect place for me. Before I came here I only knew three things about this country - Dacia, Dracula and Michael Jackson's concert in Bucurest in 1992. Let's see what else Romania has to offer - I have five months to find out. Yay! 


Articles written by Petra Pastircakova:


Place you might not know about

Escaping the civilization we live in has been sort of a trend lately. All those things around us giving us the feeling of necessity, all those people requiring our attention ...

Intercultural Evening

Yesterday (Aug 19th) Reporters in Romania organized an Intercultural evening. We cooked a lot of different kind of meals from all over Europe (me and Sophia and Julia cooked German / ...

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