European Year for Innovation and Creativity

Stakeholders in Action

"Stakeholders in action" is an EVS project group that requires the involvement of 81 foreign volunteers hosted in Romania on stages of 6 months voluntary service The project is coordinated by Millennium Center Association and the activities to attend are developed in the following places from Romania: Arad, Seitin, Paulis, Covasant (Arad County), Rosia Montana (Alba County), Timisoara (Timis county) and some other villages from the counties situated in the western part of Romania (Arad, Alba, Bihor, Hunedoara, etc).

The project „Stakeholders in action” is an EVS group project structured in 3 stages which gives youngsters the possibility to participate, together with local volunteers, in the creation of documentaries on the life of rural communities, on their myths, legends, customs and traditions. The volunteers will participate in their activities and take interviews. They will be given the opportunity to share their experience with the world by having monthly public displays of the materials gathered, a final presentation of the documentaries and by editing a written publication consisting of images depicting the life of the hosting community. The other chance to be active will focus on informing, by means of a newsletter, the young people about the personal and professional development opportunities out there. Furthermore, the EVS volunteers will have the chance to teach those who take an interest in the matter what they have to do in order to benefit from these oppotrtunities, as well as the possibility to get involved in the life of a neighbourhood and help its members build trust and improve communication. With the support of local partners, public institutions and economic agents, they will contribute to the creation, personalization and maintenance of common spaces such as parks and playgrounds for children, having the opportunity to teach the people to cherish and respect each other and the public domain.

Besides the persons directly involved in the activities, there are at least 2000 direct beneficiaries, young people and children who benefit from the activities developed by the European and local volunteers in 6 comunities where the project is been developed.

The period of the project is 05 /02 /2009 - 05 /01 /2011