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Youth in Action

The Youth in Action programme aims at developing among young people a sense of personal responsibility, initiative, concern for others, civic participation and active involvement at local, national and European level. The programme will also help to improve support systems for youth activities. The proposed budget for the 2007 – 2013 period is € 885 million. The Youth in Action programme will give funding support to projects under five headings:

Youth for Europe: This action is geared to reinforcing the active civic participation of young people by supporting appropriate exchanges, mobility and initiatives for young people and their projects.

European Voluntary Service: This well-known action, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in December 2006, continues in the new Youth in Action programme. It aims to develop young people’s solidarity, active engagement and mutual understanding, all in the framework of a charitable or not-for-profit activity. It can take the form of either individual or collective projects to enable young people to express their personal commitments but also to involve them in the EU’s solidarity actions.

Youth of the world: This fosters young people’s mutual understanding and active engagement through an open-minded approach to the world. It opens up the programme to projects with the neighbouring countries of the enlarged Europe.

Youth workers and support systems: Youth workers and support systems: This action helps youth organisations that are active at the European level to promote the development of - a. exchange, training and information schemes for youth workers, and b. projects to stimulate innovation and quality and partnerships with regional or local entities. Support for policy cooperation in the field of youth: This promotes co-operation among decision-makers on youth policy, preparing the participation of young people in democratic life. It also develops representative structures for young people throughout Europe. Furthermore, this action gives assistance to encourage structured dialogue between young people and those responsible for youth policy, and helps co-operation with international organisations, thus promoting discussion and reflection on the European Union’s work for young people.

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